Smell my heart

Smell my heart again

Smell my heart again & again & again
Can’t you tell it’s trying to be sweeter? 

Let me live where sirens call only for a swim
& to give babes sea flowers for calm.

Gilded branches change their mind with a bend
& climbing vines fall back to provide a shield. 

Fine, rosey steam, numb your way through.
Over the blue.

All so serene.
All so untouchable.

But, I will keep looking for the inside of my palms.
Press to dream & pretend to see.

Just dreams

When my soul finally bursts

And all thoughts of me return

back through the universes

I hope they waterfall to

wherever you are

& land in a berry bowl

Then you can eat each one

one by one

And be full

The tiger’s breath is against my neck & I feel content.

My dinner party has just arrived.
I have nothing to serve but rocks & sour fruit.

Don’t worry she’s in the tree & means no harm.
And I don’t want to be alone.
Can we sit on roving chairs & snack/suck on the paper of novels I’ve never read?

Later. Yes. Please.

Drink the tea now colder than the pool.
Wade in.
Get yourself wet.

She means no harm.
It’s all quite lovely.
Isn’t it? 

My friend cut their hand
walking past a branch
It stung as they squeezed a lemon into the ocean
I held it as we waded in fully
They said it felt worse

Baby love

Tell me & then what?

As you are staring into the stars
I am keeping time
The tempo of your grin 

Peaches from the past
don’t last
Pluck them now
Eat them now

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