Arden Katherine (b. 1989)

I am interested in how poetry intertwined with painting can create a claustrophobic intimacy akin to diving into a diary. I gain agency over my work by draping it with my own text and narrative. Wandering text provides a pathway for viewers. My source material ranges from my own photography to social media. I steal and manipulate key words to generate prompts for phrasing and composition. I aim for a transfiguration of my source material. Deifying simple things through collage tactics to make something new and more chaotic. 

Gesturing figures and floral elements are repeated motifs inspired by my own history of dance and physical movement. When not painting I am teaching dance, yoga and Pilates. I received a dance degree from the World Arts and Culture/Dance Department at University of California, Los Angeles as well as a degree in English Literature from the Department of English. I am originally from San Diego and now live in Seattle. 


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