Feed your rot what you ought or who else do you think will save you?


Sink upward when possible

Even the sirens don’t want you
They said not to bother

But wait I have flowers
Both real & imaginary
And anyway reality is never just reality

Please take them
Please love them
They’re blue like your whirlpool

They’re dyed, high, dried,
& dead

I ate the rabbit whole
& now I miss the bones I never felt

The way you pulled me by the leg is still stuck to me
Pulling me down to you

Please, Please
climb me again

Actually, never mind
I already know the view

thas aright thas aright (Brit accent)

Just frothing a bit

I wasn’t wrong about the smell of potential
Though maybe it was just jasmine and poison
Nearing you I felt warm wine grow cold & tied weeds crisp beneath my feet
At least the palm trees can still wave to you 
as you’re frozen in the golden rays

It’s a tad more violent than I realized

I want to be able to pluck them anytime
But, have them stay alive in the shape I admire

So what’s wrong with her anyway?

Let them be mine.
I’ll crumble them in my hands and we can all mourn together. 

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